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This downloadable collection contains 25  employment forms and documents you can save, fill in and print whenever they are needed for your business. They'll save you hours of time compared to deciding what information to collect or ask and designing your own forms.  Most of the forms are in Microsoft Word format, so you can add your own business name, address and logo where appropriate. The package includes the following forms and documents: 
  1. Job Application Form
  2. Job Analysis Form
  3. Job Description Form
  4. Job Research Form
  5. Job Task List 
  6. Job-Related Expenses Worksheet
  7. Sample Job Offer Letter
  8. Sample Job Rejection Letter
  9. Weekly Time Sheet 
  10. Absence Report 
  11. Employer Legal Requirements Checklist
  12. List of Interview Questions 
  13. Interview Worksheet
  14. Job Candidate Evaluation Form 
  15. Reference Check Form (for mailing)
  16. Reference Check Form (for phone calls) 
  17. Drug Policy Form 
  18. Drug Testing Release Form
  19. Affirmative Action Form
  20. W4 
  21. I-9 
  22. I-9 Instructions for Employers 
  23. US Government Fair Credit Reporting Act rules 
  24. At Will Corrective Action 
  25. Personnel Change Form